November 14, 2012

the sincerest form of flattery.

I've been drawing in relatively the same style for so long now that, occasionally, it feels good to shake things up a bit.  I had some fun today drawing myself right into a handful of animated TV shows.  From left to right, we have: Matt Groenig's two cartoons (I prefer Futurama), Rugrats (my #1 favorite TV show when I was little), Arthur, Family Guy, Daria (I was Jane Lane for Halloween once in college), and Adventure Time (which is rapidly becoming a favorite).  If I were a better blogger, there would be a perfectly trimmed photo of me mixed in with the drawings... oh well.

It's funny how doing an exercise like this makes you reduce yourself to a small number of physical traits.  In this case, I am defined by my dark, awkwardly-growing-out pixie cut, red lipstick, and penchant for sweaters and riding boots.

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