February 15, 2013

i'm lizzing!

Boy oh boy, what a rollercoaster of emotion the past six weeks have been.  I started studying comedy writing at The Second City (!!!), took public transportation by myself (in your face, crippling social anxiety!), and put my toe in the very fun and cuh-razy world of fan art.

A few weeks ago, I made this silly little drawing of ice cream desserts based on the characters of the wonderful Parks and Recreation and posted it to my oft-neglected art tumblr.  Within a few hours, the post had over a thousand notes and I gained lit'rally tens of followers.  What a delight!

Since then, I have steadily gained a small following over on tumblr and have made lots more silly fan art for my favorite TV shows, mostly about food (which should come as a surprise to no one).  People send me requests and I draw them.  It's super fun!  Maybe you want to join me?

I love the internet.


  1. I just discoverd you blog and you're awesome! Your drawings are really cool and I love your tumblr!
    have a lovely day! xo


  2. Ahhh! This is awesome! I love this lol Jerry!