August 23, 2012


I stumbled upon the illustrations of Kali Ciesemier tonight and fell in love.  What talent!  Every piece was so beautifully composed and colored.  I couldn't tear my eyes away until I'd pored over all of her archives.  Somewhere along the way, she linked to this list of projects to get the creative juices flowing, and it was so inspiring I had to start right away.  Here is number one, "make a book cover for your favorite classic novel."  I was a big, big fan of Roald Dahl in elementary school, and I still am.

Here, I interpreted Willy Wonka as a sort of beatnik/old-timey sailor with a beard, ponytail, and beret, and I gave the kids a little more ethnic diversity than we see in the movies.  


  1. Love this. Actually love everything you do. Authentic awesomeness!

  2. What an amazing project idea. I used to love Quentin Blake's covers, but your "spin" seems to pay homage to him and add a modern spin.