November 1, 2012

Couples Portrait Roundup

Since I opened my Etsy shop at the very end of June, I've been a busy bee working on commissioned couples portraits for some really special people (hence the horrible lack of posts here).

This one was my very first commissioned portrait!  She was a wedding planner and he loved fishing.  Simple and classic.

I loved working on this portrait, with the great facial expressions, playful cat, and kitschy heart border.

This "couple" was actually a pair of college roommates!  They loved running and studying at their (gorgeous!) campus library.  The hardest part was the gym shoes -- feet are so tricky sometimes.

This one was an expanded version of a too-cropped professional race photo.  Her boyfriend drove cross-country to meet her at the finish line of this marathon.  Too sweet for words!  One of my favorite parts of doing these portraits is the stories I get to hear from my clients.

Would you like a couples portrait for your very own?  Check out the listing on my shop here.

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